Distilled Drinking Water

Posted by Anima of the Wolf on December 11, 2023

Water Distillation

Water distillation is a process that involves heating water to create steam and then cooling the steam to produce purified water. This method is effective at removing multiple impurities and contaminants from water. I personally have this unit which i have used for over 15 years. It processes 4L in about 5 hours and sits on a countertop. Shungite or trace mineral drops can be infused in your distilled water to re-mineralize and create a "living water" after the distillation removes all the impurities and chemicals. Here are some of the substances that water distillation can remove:

Fluoride, Dissolved Minerals and Salts: Distillation removes dissolved minerals and salts from water. When water is heated and converted into steam, the minerals and salts are left behind.

Heavy Metals: Distillation is capable of removing certain heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and cadmium from water. These metals have higher boiling points than water, so they are not carried over into the steam.

Organic Compounds: Distillation can eliminate many organic compounds, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pesticides, and some pharmaceuticals. These compounds typically have lower boiling points than water and can be separated during the distillation process.

Microorganisms: The process of distillation involves heating water to a temperature that kills or inactivates most microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and parasites. However, some heat-resistant microorganisms may survive.

Radioactive Contaminants: Distillation can also help remove certain radioactive contaminants from water because the boiling points of most radioactive elements are higher than that of water.

It's important to note that while distillation is effective in removing many contaminants, it may not remove certain volatile organic compounds with boiling points close to that of water. Additionally, some contaminants may evaporate and condense along with the water, so the purity of the distilled water depends on the specific contaminants present in the source water and the efficiency of the distillation process. Water distillation is often used in combination with other water treatment methods to ensure comprehensive purification.

Uses and Improvements

I personally use my supply of distilled water for everything including: cooking, making tea/coffee, washing produce, making homemade cleaners and of course for drinking water. I have found that the taste of tea, coffee and when used for cooking greatly improves the taste and overall quality of drinks and meals. Distillation is natures purification system. Distilled water has become my preferred beverage over anything else!

MegaHome water distiller

Common Chemicals Found in Tap Water

The specific composition of tap water can vary depending on the source of the water, the treatment processes it undergoes, and the local geological and environmental factors. However, here are some common chemicals and substances that can be found in tap water:

Chlorine: Often used as a disinfectant to kill harmful microorganisms present in the water.

Chloramines: A combination of chlorine and ammonia, also used for disinfection.

Fluoride: Considered toxic and may calcify within the brain.

Heavy Metals: These can include trace amounts of lead, copper, zinc, and others, which may leach into the water from pipes and plumbing fixtures.

Nitrate and Nitrite: These can come from agricultural runoff and sewage and can be harmful in high concentrations, especially for infants.

Arsenic: Naturally occurring in some groundwater sources, but elevated levels can be harmful.

Sulfates: Commonly found in water sources and generally not harmful at normal levels.

Calcium and Magnesium: Minerals that can lead to "hard water" but are not typically harmful to health.

Bacteria and Microorganisms: While treatment plants aim to remove these, trace amounts can still be present.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs): These can come from industrial pollution, gasoline, solvents, and more.

Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products: Small traces of medications, hormones, and chemicals from consumer products can end up in water supplies.

Industrial Chemicals: Depending on local industrial activities, certain chemicals can find their way into water supplies.

It's important to note that water treatment plants strive to provide safe drinking water by complying with regulatory standards that dictate acceptable levels of these and other substances. Drinking water is regularly tested to ensure it meets these standards. If you are concerned about the quality of your tap water, you can request a water quality report from your local water utility.

Bottom of Distiller Boiling Chamber Residue

This is what the bottom of the distillation unit will look like after a few cycles. As you can see from the photo it removes quite a lot of minerals, unwanted substances and potential contaminants. All of this stuff would end up passing through your body.

MegaHome water distiller residue

Assets for Distilling Your Drinking Water

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MegaHome Water Distiller
This is the countertop water distiller I have been using for 15 years. It has been an absolute machine and has treated me well. It processes 4L of steam distilled water in 5 hours and utilizes an AC 110/120V 60Hz Standard North American Plug Type. Comes with 4L glass carafe to avoid exposure to plastic and BPA etc.

Santevia Water Systems Power Water Stick
The Santevia portable water filter adds essential minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium to create a living water and re-introduce the lost minerals in the distillation process.

Concentrace Minerals
These drops can be used to re-introduce trace minerals back into your clean distilled water that were removed during the distilation process, but without the other chemicals originally in the source tap water.

Glass Water Dispenser
This is the glass container with a pouring spot that I use on my countertop to have an abundant supply of distilled water. The container holds 8L of water (2 cycles of distilled water). I use a stainless steel strainer immersed in the glass jug to infuse the water with elite shungite.

Elite Shungite
Shungite is a rare black stone made up of 99% carbon. It's mainly found in Shunga, Russia. The purported benefits are water purification, reduce oxidative stress, reduce inflammation and shield Electomagnetic Field (EMF) emissions.

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Anima of The Wolf: Origin Story

Wolf Encounter Experience

I was hiking a trail in British Columbia, Canada and out of nowhere, almost as if through an astral portal a large grey Timberwolf appeared. It was running at high speed and when it observed me it veered off the trail and stopped in silence. We both stood staring in the same total awe of what was taking place. Our eyes met and an incredible energy emanated between the majestic grey timberwolf and myself.

A soul exchange of ancestral DNA, knowledge, wisdom and the forging of an eternal quantum bond was initiated.

We stared for what seemed like an eternity before the wolf suddenly motioned into the ponderosa pines and vanished as quickly as it appeared. I cautiously started back toward the trail head being careful not to run. I looked back and noticed the wolf at distance, watching me, following me with intense curiosity and escorting my being from its territory.

I returned to my vehicle forever changed, with profound animal spirit wisdom and a new lens of perception.


Psychoanalysis Definition: "Anima"- an individual's true inner self that in the analytical psychology of Carl Jung reflects archetypal ideals of conduct. The inner personality that is turned toward the unconscious of the individual (contrasted with persona)

Historical/Philosophy Definition: "Anima"- Comes from Latin, where it has the meaning "spirit, soul." Especially the irrational part of the soul as distinguished from the rational mind.

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